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Places to Go When in the Taj Boston

Wednesday Apr 8, 2009

The Boston Public Garden

The Boston Public Garden

The Taj Hotel in Boston is well known for its class and style. However, another plus factor to staying at this hotel is its proximity to some of Boston’s most well known attractions. Here are some of the places that are easily accessible from the Taj Hotel.

The Taj Hotel overlooks The Boston Public Garden. The Boston Public Garden is a National Historic Landmark. It is home to a four acre pond populated by swans. This makes it the perfect spot for one of the famous tourist attractions in Boston, which is called Swan Boat. Swan Boats are pleasure boats that have already become a Boston City cultural attraction. The entire boat fleet operates from April to September. For a small fee, the tourists are given the chance to sit on a Swan Boat and take a tour of the lake.

There are a number of statues erected in the Boston Public Garden, which can be viewed by guests and visitors. These include: the statue of military commander Thomas Cass; the statue of Tadeusz Bonawentura Kościuszko, a Polish man who was a colonel in the American revolution; the statue of abolitionist and orator Wendell Phillips; the statue of Congressman Carl Sumner, who governed Boston at the time of the Civil War; the Good Samaritan Ether Monument of John Quincy Adams Ward; the equestrian statue of George Washington; “The Angel of the Waters,” which is a memorial to a Boston philanthropist named George Robert White; and finally, the characters from the children’s book Make Way for the Ducklings.

One block away from the Taj Boston is the Boston Common. It is the oldest park in the United States. It covers almost 50 acres of land. Like the Boston Public Garden, there are also a lot of monuments built there, some of which include the monument to the 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry and Robert Gould Shaw, and The Soldiers and Sailors Monument. There is also a Great Elm Tree there, which has historical significance because it has been used as a point of fortification and as a venue for hangings. A plaque now hangs there, and it has been decorated with lanterns that represent freedom. During the winter, there is a skating rink called Frog Pond, and this is open to the public. Parkman Bandstand, which is a common venue for theatrical and musical productions, can also be found in the Boston Common. Park Street station, which is the oldest subway station in the country, is also located there.

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