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Valentine’s Date Night Special : Boston Downtown

Friday Jan 30, 2009
Foodies Valentine in Boston -

Foodies Valentine in Boston - Courtesy

If there’s one spot that will do justice to Valentine’s Night Out it would be Maggiano’s in Downtown Boston. Putting my whim into passionate action (I am passionate about food), here comes a perfect opportunity to be in Boston on February 14. It truly epitomizes the romantic atmosphere of New England.

Maggiano’s in central Boston close to downtown is getting ready to lay down signature dishes inspired by the best and most cherished recipes from Italian-American neighborhoods around the country. I’m going to treat someone special to a truly romantic experience at Maggiano’s this Valentine’s.

In fact I understand the restaurant would be featuring dishes inspired by romance – two lobster tails baked with lemon, butter and a light white wine sauce served with fresh asparagus orzo. The entrée pairs perfectly with our signature Robert Mondavi Vinetta wine.

Also all through February for a limited time, Maggiano’s is offering individual-sized portions of its classic dessert favorites – a perfect way to indulge in a few or sample them all to pick your favorite after-dinner treat. For me I am going to relish the decadent Chocolate Raspberry Martini to round off the evening, before moving on to Mystic River for a Bostonian rendezvous.

Riverside Rendezvous in Boston - Courtesy

Riverside Rendezvous in Boston - Courtesy

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Boston : Salsa By the Charles & Food Fest

Friday Jul 25, 2008
Boston: A Glorious Summer Day

Boston: A Glorious Summer Day

Boston appeared a far cry from Ashima Ganguli’s restricted world in The Namesake. But then that was nearly forty years back. I literally had goose bumps in anticipation as I walked from Quincy Market to the Harvard University area. It was an exhilarating jaunt across the bridge and into the academic area. The hallowed precincts of Harvard were inspirational, to say the least.

Although Harvard was the raison d’etre for my sojourn to this almost European city on the the US east coast, it’s rich history had been beckoning for long. Impressions cast by the flotsam and jetsam of the Boston Tea Party, washing up for weeks on the shores around Boston, had always filled me with wonder at the great brewing of the American Independence that followed.

Happily now downtown Boston offers tea and treats in high places where benevolent gloved attendants turn it into a ritual. Check out for afternoon tea at The Dorset along busy Washington Street. As for me, tea is mostly a quick dip-dip affair – that keeps me moving on. And there’s lots of moving about to do in Boston. It’s a great walking town, especially around downtown where comfortable footwear serves you well.

Summer is here. The long days and the warm nights of Boston make for a glorious vacation. The lazy hazy days offer endless possibilities of careening around downtown that is full of touristy attractions. I am told the city attracts 16.3 million visitors annually. Little wonder! The awesome display of artwork built right into the buildings is reason enough to see it first hand.

The architecture shares a symbiotic relationship converging diverse styles. Austere features characterize the Ionic and Corinthian detailing of older buildings, that stand in direct contrast to contemporary glass towers. Even as you soak in the atmosphere, one literally goes back in time walking around red-brick buildings and stepping over cobblestone streets. Boston is beautiful.

Other than history there is lots more to do here to enjoy a truly American way of life. Some great events lined up for July-end have me in a tizzy to decide where to go. There is the Salsa by the Charles, Salem CultureFest2008, the 8th Annual Summer Party Cruise, and the 14th Annual Food Fest and Auction. All these mind-blowing attractions, shopping and dining opportunities and recreational possibilities. Its going to be challenging. However the toughest question of where to settle here comfortably was sorted out courtesy Downtown Boston hotel map. Thank God for small mercies.

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