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Menopause The Musical in Downtown Memphis

Tuesday Feb 24, 2009
Menopause The Musical in Downtown Memphis - Courtesy

Menopause The Musical in Downtown Memphis - Courtesy

I am going to go home to my moms, to Memphis in March. Its a family event that’ll bring the odds and oddities together once again at her residence in midtown Memphis. Safely ensconced in a timeless world on an austere mansion lined street, Peachtree Villa will relive olden days. Thankfully downtown Memphis is close at heels. Well thats where all the fun is.

And yes fun there’s going to be. Lots of it. It would have been ages since me, Hilda, Jane and Samantha would have gotten together in the hallowed house. Can’t imagine how the time has gone by. Checking up on the Memphis Events calendar I am bemused. Yes they are going to show Menopause the Musical when the four of us are going to be there! Perfect.

Well into sprightly middle ages, this hilariously funny comedy celebrating women and the change, would be just what we need to see together. Knowing full well that we are going to be in stitches and laughing our hearts out – I have already booked tickets. This lighthearted comedy should get us to take our menopausal experiences to another level.

Ever since its first performance, Menopause the Musical has evolved as a movement for women to deal with life after 40. Yes aunt Cathy, our mentor is living proof of the mental, physical and spiritual freedom of the baby boomer’s generation. We might tempt her into joining us in this spree. Won’t she just love all the parodies from the ‘60s and ‘70s and ‘80s.

So once the in-house celebrations are done with – our downtown Memphis agenda would be on. Oh yes, Saturday, March 21, at 02:00 pm should find a few good old ladies seated comfortably at the Orpheum Theater – for some rib tickling times. The evening should see us making the most of the exciting night life of downtown Memphis.

Memphis : Summer Music Festivals

Saturday Aug 23, 2008

The King

The King

Browsing through a copy of LIFEs Dream Destinations listing 100 of the world’s best vacations I was smugly pleased to see Memphis listed under best family holiday destination. And why not I thought to myself. Certainly all over the world people have heard of Memphis as home to the legendary Kings of music where both rock and roll and rhythm and blues go hand in hand. Whether its the oldies generation or Generation Y Elvis Presley and BB King remain iconic figures intriguing them all alike. Yes, the families that swing together stay together!

Memphis remains the music mecca with its year-round festivals bringing in crowds from near and far. Two widely acclaimed of these are Memphis in May and the Beale Street Music Festival. This decidedly is a must-visit destination for music lovers. It offers authentic musical renditions of the rock n roll era along with country, blues, jazz and soft rock. And so families that have grown up on such legendary music are bound to be inbound traffic to River City.

River City

River City

The city located in the south eastern corner of Tennessee state is really quite small. Still smaller is the Beale street strip showcasing nostalgia of the past with blithe spirits holding beer go-cups moving about the three blocks or so with perhaps strains of “That’s how I got to Memphis, that’s how I got to Memphis…” ringing in their ears. Yes the place offers you an authentic and vibrant feel of the music of yester-years. However its the sensationally nostalgic nightlife of Beale street that draws people here all the time.

With blues music probably the sole reason of their visit to the city, visitors do have other experiences to have here that adds to the holiday spirit. Elvis Presleys Graceland takes you back to a fantastic era showcasing the times and lifestyle of the legendary music icon. Graceland is now statistically the second most visited private residence in the United States, after the White House! The unpretentious Sun Studio along with performing arts and alternative rock music offers its timeless allure. Other than this the ornamental metal museum, the Memphis Zoo, Northwest Passage, Heritage tours and the Mississippi River views are things that families usually love doing around Memphis. Of course the mouth-watering cuisine and traditional barbecue spreads could be reason enough to relish the city with equal zest. After all it is home to the famed South Soul food. Lively festivals, intriguing galleries and museums also fascinate tourists that show you the other side of Memphis.

The Mud Island trip takes you to enjoy the river from a cable car that takes you out there. Sitting beside the Mississippi is quite relaxing but if you feel like moving around then the miniature river walk is a refreshing diversion. As is the famous Duck March, a regular tourist attraction and part of the customary tradition at the Peabody Hotel. The Peabody has stood its ground for eighty years now and while completely modern retains a certain poignant past alive. Talking of hotels it would be handy to make reservations with Downtown Memphis hotel site when you plan to visit Memphis. You are never quite sure about the tourist traffic to the place and you can avoid some Hotel Heartbreaks. Why take chances anyway.

Coming attractions at Memphis include all the things you can know of by looking up the internet. While checking out the funky shops, back-alley barbecue joints, designer malls and quirky downtown Memphis shops you can also browse the organized calender of events. The city regularly organizes pro and college sports, acclaimed art exhibits, touring museum shows and mega shopping extravaganzas. Memphis does its stuff no matter what the season.

And The King
And The King

Added attractions this summer are the Stone Soul Picnic, Delta Fair & Music Festival, Memphis Music & Heritage Festival, Southern Heritage Classic, “A Salute to Broadway”, Cooper-Young Festival – all through August and September. For some unusual fun try out the International Goat Days – barbecue and cuisine show on September 7, Southern Home & Garden Expo on September 12 and the Zoo Rendezvous organized for September 13. The Home of the Blues and the Birthplace of Rock and Roll, this city dances to its own tune and can actually give you a Bad Case of Love…Stay Attuned.

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