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Fall For Toronto In The Fall

Monday Oct 20, 2008
Toronto Fall Splendour - Courtesy

Toronto Fall Splendor - Courtesy

Each year Torontonians await expectantly for peak fall colors to arrive around this time of the year. Keyed on to news they keep track of the information pouring in readily regarding the fall foliage. Responses vary depending on the source of the destination, the amount of rain, the first frost, the temperature of nearby bodies of water and the fullness of the foliage on the trees. Enthusiasts gather facts on a daily basis by logging on for the latest information. Which is why October is the time to plan out for a rendezvous with nature. The fun and enjoyment in the riot of autumnal hues has you actually  enjoying a symphony in colors.

Autumn trips north of Toronto turn out to be a colorful experience.The fall color leaf changes that take place in autumn in North America and Canada are truly spectacular. Its an awesome sight seeing the outstanding colors in every detail on the many tree varieties and color-changes that occur so dramatically. The geographic terrain over which the colors seem to appear as if painted by a master strokesman over acres and acres of rolling land is mind boggling. Its a sight not to be missed. If you get a high being in the midst of unadulterated natural panoramas then the stunning display of leafy timbre in all shades of ocher to russet and in between, will have you feeling quite exhilarated. Watching this dazzling scene from a tower, a hill, an aircraft or even from a running vehicle will obliterate your troubles and woes.

Fall colors change in Nova Scotia, Quebec and New Brunswick besides Ontario. Maple tress are the ones that dominate the landscape with brilliant fall colors throughout the provinces. The Ministry of Tourism provides a fall foliage color progression report each Tuesday and Thursday from mid September to the end of October. The most spectacular colors are located in the northern part of the province and the website Ontario Travel North of Toronto provides a number of fall color drives and road trips with suggestions about Ontario fall fairs, fall festivals and artist tours along with getaway fall color packages.

Living in clean, safe, cosmopolitan Toronto that has excellent parks and open spaces, even so the lure of traveling on highways to see the natural seasonal transition is a yearly ritual for most people. Located on the north-western shore of Lake Ontario, Toronto is the largest city in Canada and capital of Ontario. As the economic capital of Canada its a global city as also one of the top financial cities in the world. The Fall colors are a perfect excuse to come to Toronto and head North. Toronto covers an area of 630 square kilometers with a 46-kilometer long waterfront shoreline, on the northwestern shore of Lake Ontario. Its borders are formed by Lake Ontario to the south, Etobicoke Creek and Highway 427 to the west, Steeles Avenue to the north and the Rouge River to the east.

Toronto’s climate is moderate for Canada due to its southerly location within the country and its proximity to Lake Ontario. It has a humid continental climate, with warm, humid summers and generally cold winters. The city experiences four distinct seasons with considerable variance in day to day temperature, particularly during the colder weather season. Accumulating snow can fall anytime from November until mid-April. Which is why a Fall vacation is eagerly awaited by families and friends providing them with a getaway just in time before the real cold sets in. With winter around the corner it is just the right time to view the beautiful Fall colors that are still showing north of Toronto even as some bit of leaf fall has occurred in many areas. The best thing is to check the fall color report for up-to-date information before heading out on your October getaway.

Lake Simcoe for round the lake fall colors is a great place to head out to. Lake Simcoe area is easily accessible from Highway 400, or 404 from Toronto. A round-the-lake road trip can be planned in the Barrie or Orillia area. There are several side trips starting in the Barrie area that will take you to Georgian Bay and Wasaga Beach area via Horseshoe Valley Road. Additionally you can choose from two additional road trips Barrie to Wasaga Beach, or Barrie to Orillia.

A road trip around here provides several options with side trips including spectacular fall colour maple sugar bush areas in Simoce County such as Horseshoe Valley Wasaga Beach, Elmvale and Miniesing. You can also have fun on the way with recommended events, festivals and fall fairs. Its a glorious time to see fall colors around Lake Simcoe when you might also be tempted to take in one of Ontario’s historic towns. You could easily check out Toronto Downtown Hotels site to make reservations for a comfortable stay while you tarry around the countryside. Coming back to modern amenities would be really cool.

For some real outstanding Fall display you can take the Barrie to Horseshoe Valley to Orillia Return to Barrie Fall colors Route. Spectacular colors and views along the Horseshoe Valley Road are to be enjoyed by turning right through Craighurst, Horseshoe Valley, Coulson and Jarratt along the route. From Orillia to Barrie you can work your way towards the Lake for a combination of great water views and colourful shorelines. Then again for latest fall color changes you can always check out the official web site for Fall Colors Leaf Change Central Ontario.

A very interesting facet of this entire exercise is that you can have fun at various Fall Events and Festivals that are part of the Fall entertainment. Events like The Colors of Music Festival, Simcoe County Eco Farmers Market each Friday until Thanksgiving Weekend and the The Nine Mile Portage Heritage Festivals as also the Georgian College Auto Show at Elmval are all part of the fun and gaiety for enjoying the seasonal escapade. True. You can fall for Toronto every Fall.

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