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Denver : Great American Beer Festival

Thursday Sep 4, 2008

Denver Nightscape - Courtesy

Denver By Night - Courtesy

With the Rocky Mountains to the West and generally clement weather patterns, Denver remains an active outdoor kind of place. Both, the residents and the year round tourists love spending time out in the mountains, climbing trails, trekking and camping. The area enjoys four distinct seasons with summers usually starting in June but by mid-July rains and humidity can be off set by frequent thunder storms. Fall usually brings in a cool respite in preparation for the chilly time ahead. Located in the Great Plains the weather in Denver is influenced by the mountains and although it remains mild could be highly unpredictable.

While on the one hand you have the beautiful wild natural open spaces and mountainous terrain close at hand, Denver, the capital city of Colorado state, has the 10th largest business district or downtown area in the US. Add to this 79 official neighborhoods to the city and county of Denver and you understand the considerable government presence. No where else other than in Washington DC do you have so many Federal workers as in Denver.

For all its rustic attractions, LoDo (Lower Downtown), and other trendy areas like Capitol Hill, Highland, Washington Park, Lowry, Alamo Placita, Park Hill and Golden Triangle – all make Denver a sprawling modern city. It offers a perfect combination of the outdoors along with the big-city experience. With its over 200 parks including the giant 314 acre City Park Denver accommodates 29 other recreation centers for people to have all the fun in the world. Well laid bicycle paths in significant areas make it a bike friendly city that is also watchful of environment issues.

Downtown has all the fun and excitement of a large metropolitan city including the performing arts center, arts galleries, restaurants, bars and clubs. Denver is home to nationally recognized museums with the new wing of the Denver Arts Museum taking center stage. Tourists looking for the more urban environment would be happy with what Denver’s got to offer. The downtown areas have many outdoor festivals and its unique neighborhood shopping districts are similar to the best anywhere in the US.

There are many things to do in Denver for the outdoor enthusiast. Being so close to the Rocky Mountains there are fantastic hiking opportunities for travelers looking to get out into the wild, as well as great camping and backpacking opportunities should you be so inclined. With its history steeped in ranching and livestock production, Denver hosts the well known National Western Stock Show. This is the largest agricultural event of its kind in the world, showcasing western American lifestyle and cultural events related to it.

Denver hosts two of the largest Hispanic celebrations in the nation known to locals as Cinco de Mayo that falls in May and El Grito de la Independencia that will be taking place in September. Interestingly Denver is home to a large number of local and national breweries. Many restaurants in the region have on-site breweries and larger brewers like Coors and New Belgium Brewing company offer conducted tours to understand it all. The city welcomes visitors from all over the world to its annual Great American Beer Festival every Fall.

Coin enthusiasts may want to tour the Denver mint and see how US currency is produced. Well actually Denver offers three different shopping flavors to visitors. One is the touristy memorabilia shopping, the other the ethnic shopping, and lastly the typical American mega mall shopping. All three shopping experiences are uniquely Coloradan. Denver offers the perfect vacation with as you will discover virtually limitless things to do inside and outside the city.

If you plan your next memorable family vacation or exciting escape be sure to get information about lodging and transport on Downtown Denver hotel site that could be the road map to your best trip in a long long time. Finding a Denver hotel will be easy enough besides working out various travel plans. Remember Mile High City is bustling with tourists in a metropolitan area of nearly 3 million people. While still embracing its cowboy and mining past Denver is focused on a modern future where performing arts and outdoor festivals are a part of life.

Even as Denver remains an access point to the great Rocky Mountains, the city keeps throwing up gala events that have a regular following. Coming up is the Great American Beer Festival on October 9-11, 2008 in the Denver area. The big daddy of national beer festivals will feature more than 1,500 different beers from hundreds of breweries around the nation making it the largest annual collection of beers gathered in the United States. Live music, beer sampling, and a host of interesting things are going to happen here. Treat yourself to the very best by tasting the winning brews. It might get you humming each year country roads take me home

Denver By Day - Courtesy

Denver By Day - Courtesy

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